Panaprium Leggings Review – Look as Good as You Feel

Product: Panaprium leggings review

Price: Under 99$

Place to buy: The Panaprium website

Available sizes: XS – XL (check out the sizing chart)

Return policy: A 14-day return policy

My rating: 4/5

Product Overview

I do yoga every day, that means that I wear leggings or yoga pants every day. Sometimes I end up going to the shops or a friend’s house after in them too. This means I want to at least look presentable. Whenever I wear my Panaprium leggings, I have always received compliments and inquiries, I think I know why. They just look So cool! It is like wearing art, because they have such amazing designs.

The high-performance design gives you confidence to move, twist and bend without worry. They are 100% opaque, so you can be sure no-one can see your underwear! They are designed to give your body great shape by tucking the belly and lifting the butt. Made from a polyester/spandex blend that stretches to fit your body and never losing its stretch, while keeping you dry and comfortable.

5 Main Factors

As I explained before in my post Best Yoga Attire, these are the things I look for in a good pair of leggings.

Comfort 5/5

These leggings are probably the softest I own. Usually leggings this soft tend to pill, but not these! I just wash them in the machine, without any problems. Nice and tight, tucks the tummy and lifts the butt, without you feeling like you are squeezed in.

Flexibility 5/5

You are working on your flexibility and you want something to be able to move with you, without constricting any movement. Panaprium leggings do exactly that, they give you freedom to move.

Permeability 5/5

You are going to sweat at some point, that’s inevitable. These leggings can breathe! The polyester/spandex blend wicks moisture perfectly and dries quickly, ensuring that you stay dry.

Durability and quality 5/5

I’ve had my 2 pairs for several months, wearing them at least once a week. They still look as new as the day I bought them, they are definitely very durable and of magnificent quality. They are 100% opaque, so you can be sure that they are not see-through.

Price 4/5

They are a bit pricey and more than I usually pay for leggings. I always believed that having 10 cheap items is better than having 1 pricey item, this product has proved me wrong! I don’t like paying so much, but I realized why it is better. These will last very long and I don’t need to buy a new pair often. I probably will though, because they look so awesome.


The benefits of the Panaprium leggings are endless:

– Very flexible, no constrictions.

– Soft and sleek, for maximum comfort.

– Lightweight material of high quality, extremely durable – will last long.

– Elastic waistband prevents the leggings from moving/slipping and tucks the tummy.

– Moisture wicking, breathable and quick-drying, to keep you dry.

– The beautiful designs will make you look great.

– Different sizes and styles caters for all.


Feeling confident in what you wear is so important. With the body-shaping properties and great designs of the Panaprium leggings, you can walk around confidently and progress in your practice.

We have so many choices to make in a day, luckily: “What am I wearing to yoga?”, has an easy answer!

I would love to hear what you think about these leggings, leave your comments below.



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