Beginner Yoga Challenge – Quick and Easy

The past week has been extremely busy and I’ve had limited time to practice yoga. I love going to the studio, but when you have limited time, this is not really an option. Doing yoga at home is the solution, but I struggle with creating a sequence and I always feel that I need some guidance. I still want to do yoga daily, so I found the solution: an online, quick and easy beginner yoga challenge. Yoga This is all about sharing the experience with my readers and making yoga accessible to everyone.

I am going to tell you all about this yoga challenge and my experience.

Getting started

A friend suggested Movement for Modern Life. Their website has loads of classes and challenges! It is a paid program, but they have a 14-day free trial, so I figured I have nothing to lose. Because I had such a busy week ahead, I decided to go with a challenge that is quick and easy, something that I can stick to. The challenge consists of 7 days, with the focus on beginners. There is a video for each day and it is never more than 30 minutes, perfect for the busy week ahead.

All you need is:

  • Your yoga mat (they say you can even use a blanket).
  • Comfortable clothes (check out my post on what to wear).
  • Less than 30 minutes.
  • Blocks, straps, bricks – all of which can be substituted for household items such as belts, books and blankets.

Day 1 – Just Breathe

The first day is a super short practice of 6 minutes. At first he explains breathing, how to breathe effectively and why it is so important, as well as a breathing exercise to start off. He teaches how to move and breathe together, when to inhale and when to exhale. It includes asanas I have covered in previous articles: Beginner Yoga Exercises and Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners and he teaches a part of the sun salutations. Even though this was really short, I felt great afterwards and it only took 6 minutes. Perfect start for complete beginners.

Day 2 – Make the Shapes

Day 2 is about learning the physical language of the postures in 10 minutes. The focus is on basic postures such as: downward-facing dog, warrior I and II, triangle, side angle and pyramid. No expectations, other than learning these basic shapes in an easy vinyasa flow. For some of these poses he advises using bricks(or books if you don’t have bricks). He gives a detailed description and different approaches to these basic asanas of yoga.

Day 3 – Get Moving

On day 3 he goes into more detail about combining movement and breath. A 12-minute introduction to low-lunge sun salutation and sun salutation A. In this class you breathe and move through transitional movements, as you start developing your yoga rhythm.

Day 4 – Twist and Fold

Building on your foundation and adding more asanas to your practice, day 4 focuses on seated twists, forward folds and side stretches. A 12-minute flow to create space in your body. He advises props such as a strap(or a belt), a block(or a folded blanket) and a brick(or a book).

Day 5 – Open up

Day 5 will open your heart. This 12-minute class focuses on the shoulders and upper back and is perfect for those of us who spend too much time seated or hunched over. Addressing chronic tightness in upper chest, back, and shoulders. This is a more active and more challenging yoga class with chair poses, high lunges, and accessible backbend postures. He advises using a strap. I felt so much release in my shoulders after this flow.

Day 6 – Keep it simple

So far all the classes have been under 15 minutes, but on day 6 it is slightly longer. This is a nice and simple 25-minute basic Vinyasa flow. It includes some standing poses, balancing poses and then you’ll flow through to simple backbend, folding and twisting poses. The trick to this class, and the yoga practice is keeping the breath flowing smoothly throughout.

Day 7 – Day of rest

The focus of day 7 is all about relaxation and rest. In 11 minutes he teaches a gentle yoga class for when you’ve been stressed out or overwhelmed and when you need some rest. A very simple, gentle yoga class with some neck and shoulder stretches and a lovely, long yogic relaxation in savasana (not guided, but included in the practice). I was so calm and relaxed after this class.

Bonus Mega-mix

A nice bonus at the end of this challenge! A 50-minute vinyasa class where you will combine everything you learned during this challenge. A great opportunity to take the skills you learned over the week and see how they come together in a full-length class. Perfect for those who have completed the 7-day challenge, or those who are ready to begin their yoga practice again with a beginners’ vinyasa yoga flow class.

Yes or No

I recommend this challenge if you:

  • are a complete beginner.
  • want to refresh your yoga knowledge.
  • want to nail the foundations of vinyasa yoga.
  • need instruction in a no-nonsense, accessible style.
  • have limited time in a day to practice yoga.
  • struggle to commit.

I do not recommend this challenge if you:

  • practice yoga daily, it might be too easy.
  • already know Vinyasa yoga.
  • know and practice the basic asanas regularly.

Moving on

I had such a great week, even though I was super busy! Now I am ready to move on to the next week. I hope that you enjoyed this post. If you joined this beginner yoga challenge, let me know what you think in the comment section. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to also leave a comment.

If you are interested in Movement for Modern Life after your trial, they currently have a promotion: 30% off all subscriptions when using my promotion code. If you would like this, feel free to leave a comment or connect on facebook, instagram or twitter.


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