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Product: Asutra silk eye pillow

Price: 17.50 $

Place to buy: Amazon

Return policy: 30-day return policy

My rating: 4.5/5

Asutra Silk Eye Pillow Overview

During Bird Box Yoga I learned about weighted sleep masks for the first time in my life. After writing about my blindfolded yoga experience, people were also interested in the mask. My mask was a no name, locally made product and because I am in Vietnam, it was a bit difficult to recommend it to people on the other side of the world.

I started searching for similar products online and came across the Asutra Silk Eye Pillow. When I saw the material was 100% silk, I knew immediately that I must have it! Silk does not absorb moisture from your face like cotton and other materials do. This means it is perfect to use after applying my oily night moisturizer and being assured that the moisturizer is actually going into my skin and not the mask.

It is a hypoallergenic mask with organic lavender buds as well as a removable muslin bag with flax seeds and a removable gel pouch.

Why Choose This Eye Pillow

I really love this mask and I’ll tell you why:

1. The material

It is made from silk. Silk has natural moisturizing properties, making it the perfect material to use on your face. Silk prevents your skin from drying out and will not absorb the moisture from your face. This mask will actually soften and refresh the skin around your eyes and can even help to reduce dark circles as well as wrinkles.

Silk is very soft and gentle on the skin, it will not cause irritation or leave creases and marks on the skin. It is also a good choice of material for people with sensitive skin and conditions like eczema.

2. The weighted effect

The benefits of weighted masks are really amazing. These masks are built to evenly distribute 340g-450g of weight lightly across the eye area. This helps to calm the nervous system by engaging some pressure points linked to improve sleep, mood and relaxation.

3. Aroma

This eye pillow is scented with dried lavender. I always used to put a drop of lavender oil on my pillow, it is known to aid in better sleep. Now I can just slip on my eye pillow! And even if the scent goes after a while, I can then refresh it with some lavender oil.

4. Temperature adjustment

Asutra’s eye pillow has a removable muslin pouch filled with flax seeds, it can be heated by placing a damp towel in the microwave and wrapping it in this for a few minutes. I must say this is the only thing I find a little inconvenient, it would have been great to be able to pop the pouch itself in the microwave and this is the reason it didn’t get a 5/5.

The eye pillow can also be cooled, by placing the removable gel pouch in the freezer. I love this feature! The coolness on my eyes(especially during Hanoi summers) are so refreshing and it can make you look younger by tightening the skin. Temperature adjustment of an eye pillow poses many benefits such as improved relaxation, headache relief and relief for tired, puffy eyes, to name a few.

5. All natural

This eye pillow uses all natural ingredients, organic lavender, it is paraben free and not tested on animals!

6. Blocking light

I am a very light sleeper and as soon as any light appears, I wake up. Masks I used previously blocked out most of the light, but there would be a gap around my nose and that would let in a bit of light. This mask has been able to completely block out light, it also has an adjustable strap and I have been getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. There are just too many benefits of getting good sleep to mention here!


Originally I got a weighted eye pillow when doing the blindfolded yoga, now I discovered that these eye pillows have so many uses and benefits and I can’t imagine life without it (I am not being dramatic here). Here is how I have used mine:

1. Yoga and meditation

Even if you are not going to be doing blindfolded yoga, this eye pillow can still be used for an extra relaxing savasana or when meditating, by preventing any distractions.

2. Headache and migraine relief

The temperature adjustment with either the muslin or gel pouch has proven to be a fantastic headache reliever for me.

3. Better sleep

As I mentioned before, I am sensitive to light when sleeping. This eye pillow has enabled me to sleep so much better by completely blocking any light.

4. Travel

We all know what a nightmare it can be to be stuck in transit for a few hours! I travel a lot and this mask has helped me to sleep better while traveling.

5. Better skin

As I said, silk is a fantastic material for your skin and it has reduced the wrinkles under my eyes!

Rest assured

The Assutra silk eye pillow has changed my sleeping patterns as well as how I deal with tired eyes and headaches. I really love mine and I have seen how it can drastically improve my life. I absolutely recommend this product.

Have you bought one or are you thinking of buying one? I’d love to hear from you! Leave your feedback or questions in the comments.



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