7 Day Crow Pose Challenge – Are You Ready to Take Flight?

Let’s fly!

In my post Crow Pose for Beginners I explain this pose and everything that goes with it, in detail. After deciding to really focus on advancing in my yoga practice by bringing my attention to inversions, I decided to do this 7 Day Crow Pose Challenge.

Getting started

I previously did a Beginner Yoga Challenge with Movement for Modern Life and that’s where I found this 7 Day Crow Pose Challenge as well. It is a paid program, but they have a 14-day free trial. I signed up after my 14-day trial, because I can use it when I travel or when I feel like doing a more personalized practice at home. The challenge consists of 7 days, with the focus on the Crow (or rather crane) Pose (If you would like to know more, please read my post on Crow Pose for Beginners .

There is a video for each day and it is never more than 30 minutes, perfect for a busy schedule.

All you need is:

  • Your yoga mat (they say you can even use a blanket).
  • Comfortable clothes (check out my post on what to wear).
  • Less than 30 minutes.
  • Blocks, straps, bricks – all of which can be substituted for household items such as belts, books and blankets.

Crow 1 Wrist Warmers

In this short tutorial of 04:33, Sylvia instructs you on how to prepare your Cat pose on the beachwrists. Not only for crow pose, but for any hand balancing pose. There are some very helpful exercises and strengthening drills to get some heat into your wrists and to help you activate this area. These exercises and instructions also relate to chaturanga and core activation. She gives excellent instructions on hand positioning and how to protect your wrists in the future.

Crow 2 Chest and Shoulder Strength

This 7 minute tutorial focuses a lot on arm strength, upper body conditioning and control, combined with movements necessary for crow. The chaturanga dips will also help to improve in different aspects of your practice. The tutorial also includes some hip opening exercises and the positioning of your knees to ease into crow pose. If squatting with your heels down is not in your practice, you can use a blanket under your heels for support.

Crow 3 Three Legged Dogs

I found this 5 minute tutorial quite hard. It introduced more conditioning moves, with the focus on three-legged dogs (Don’t be alarmed if you can’t lift your leg up that high, rather focus on squaring the hips in this posture). This asana helps develop structure and stability in the shoulders, which is necessary for crow pose. Some exercises also help to open the hips – essential for crow pose. Some nice underarm stretches and great to get the blood flowing!

Crow 4 Taking Flight

Let your crow take flight! In this 5 minute video Sylvia introduces different ways to come into crow with control – and recommends what to do if you don’t yet have the flexibility or strength. Best of all, learn your Emergency Escape Route – a great way to fall out when you lose your balance. Always remember: a yogi falls gracefully and gets up smiling! This tutorial is all about control, shoulder flexibility and upper arm strength. The focus is on your alignment and finding that center of balance.

Crow 5 Crow to Chaturanga

A short video of under 3 minutes. When your crow is super solid – this means you can hold quite comfortably for 3 – 5 breaths – flying back to chaturanga will be the first variation to learn because mastering this will enable you to incorporate crow more smoothly into your flow and ensures a more flowy practice. I am not here yet and this is why I stopped following the videos from here on in my practice. I am practicing my crow for the next few days and hope to get it (no rush though). I want to make sure my crow is 100% before moving on to the next steps.

Crow 6 Crow to Headstand

A fun variation on crow for those whose crow is really steady (able to hold for 3 – 5 breaths) and also reserved for those who have a strong headstand. A short 2-minute video to help with the transition between these postures, I am not trying this just yet!

Crow 7 – 1 legged and side crow

This 5 minute tutorial takes you through One Legged Crow (Eka Pada Bakasana) and Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana). It is great for your strength and stability to master these variations, but only when you are ready. We are in no rush! So rather keep practicing tutorial 1-4 until your crow is solid.

Yes or No

This challenge was harder than I thought, but a great way to enable me to practice at home. The level is not for absolute beginners and on the website it is actually recommended for intermediate practitioners.

I recommend this challenge if you:

– are an intermediate practitioner.

– would like to advance in your practice.

– want to try entry-level inversions.

– have relatively strong arm and core muscles.

– need step-by-step instructions.

– enjoy practicing at home.

– practice yoga regularly.

– want to overcome inversion fears.


I do not recommend this challenge if you:

– are a complete beginner.

– do not possess a lot of upper body and core strength.

– do not practice yoga regularly.

Flying in the Future

Inversions can be scary when you first start out and I am still on this journey of overcoming my fear. Be patient with yourself and your journey. For some people it happens rapidly and for others it can take years. Yoga is not about reaching perfection, but rather changing your perception. This challenge has taught me a lot, one of the things was definitely to just be true to yourself and accepting where you are in your practice.

Try out this challenge with Movement for Modern Life and share your experience with me. You can try out the free trial or sign up. They have a promotion for April – 30% off all subscriptions! Let me know if you would like the promotional code by leaving a comment or connecting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the comments, I would love to hear from you!


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